the demonstration House

During the 1973 Arab oil embargo I purchased an electric motorcycle to commute to work. That kicked off a lifetime study of green energy technology. The Demonstration House is my third and most advanced solar-equipped home and has two purposes:

  1. It is a test bed for earth-friendly technologies. It also has individual power meters to measure exactly how much energy each electrical device uses.

  2. It is a tool to help others to reduce their energy consumption by providing Pacific-northwest-specific advice. There is a lot of interest in energy savings here. As a result, hundreds of people came to open houses and group tours we’ve hosted. We’ve also been invited to present to other environmental organizations.

To get the greatest benefit for yourself and the environment:

  • First review how we designed and built our home by following the links below.

  • Second select Your Turn to learn about reducing your own energy usage whether you are building new, remodeling, or upgrading the performance of an existing home.

  • Third, contact us with any questions or just to share your experience.

Links to review the creation of the Demonstration home:


Better than predicted with a bonus in comfort and noise control. 


Key decisions had a major effect on energy usage.



Reduces heat losses through floor, walls, ceiling, windows, and doors.



Replacing stale air with fresh air efficiently.



Everything from heating to lighting – doing the jobs efficiently.


Sun room

Free heat when the sun shines.

Sun room

Solar system

100% on-site power generation

solar panels